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"Concord Station original monument"

Community Update April 2016

Community News – Upcoming Meeting

On April 14th we will hold our next meeting.  The meeting will begin at 10am and be held at the Concord Station Clubhouse.  A complete meeting agenda is already posted on this web site.

Community News – Update on Potential Clubhouse Purchase

On March 31st the CDD held a informational workshop to discuss the possible sale of the Clubhouse to the CDD.  This workshop was followed immediately by a special meeting of your CDD Board.  At this meeting the following decisions were made in regard to the proposed clubhouse purchase:

  1. The board hired the law firm of Feldman and Mahoney to represent us in negotiations with Lennar.  Jessica Mahoney will be our lead attorney.  She is board certified in real estate law and a graduate of Stetson Law School.   Feldman and Mahoney is a Clearwater firm with experience dealing with both developers and CDD’S.
  2. Because the CDD will need to sell bonds in order to finance the Clubhouse purchase the board also hired PRAG.  PRAG will serve has an independent auditor of the bond transaction.  They will lend their expertise and advise on the interest rates and fees that will be part of this bond transaction.  They will offer the same advice in regards to the bond refund the board is currently working on.