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Fishing Now Allowed in Limited Areas

The open water bodies located throughout Concord Station are not natural lakes or ponds. They are engineered stormwater management facilities owned, operated, and maintained by the Concord Station Community Development District (“CDD”).

Originally, fishing was not allowed in any of the ponds owned by the CDD. At the request of residents, the Board approved fishing in certain ponds, based on recommendations from the District Engineer. Signs have now been posted showing which ponds may be fished and which ponds may not.


Signs displaying “Designated Fishing Pond” (left example above) are installed on ponds where fishing IS allowed. Because the ponds are designed to store the potentially polluted runoff from streets, lots, and common areas, fishing is “Catch and Release only” for your protection. Please be considerate of your neighbors and fish only in open areas that are not directly behind people’s homes, and clean up any garbage or debris, including fishing line, hooks, bait, bobbers, etc., before you leave.

Signs displaying “NO TRESPASSING” (right example above) are installed on ponds where fishing IS NOT allowed.

The five designated fishing ponds are located beside Enclave, beside Drexel, inside Trilby, inside Wellington, and beside Manor. Fishing ponds are colored in blue on this map of the District (click image to display a larger size):

Ponds may be home to Florida wildlife including alligators and snakes. Please be careful.

All ponds are CDD property and parking is not allowed on the grass nor on the street (by Pasco County Ordinance). Residents or visitors are welcome to visit our water features, but please do not enter the water, disturb other residents, or fish in an area that is not posted as a Designated Fishing Pond.