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"Concord Station original monument"

June 9th 2016 – CDD Meeting Recap

On June 9th your CDD had it’s regularly scheduled meeting. Here is a brief recap of what was accomplished at the meeting. The board heard a presentation from Jessica Mahoney, our real estate attorney, on her negotiations with Lennar regarding the CDD plan to purchase the clubhouse and pool. Wendell Gartner from PRAG, the CDD’s financial advisor, presented his report on the financial ramifications of the purchase on our residents.
After hearing audience comments and a brief discussion among board members, the board voted to sign a contract to purchase the club from Lennar. We have sixty days to conduct our inspections and perform our due diligence. During this period we will begin the marketing of the bonds that will be used to fund this project.
The board also introduced Deputy, Angel Rojas, as the permanent full time deputy for Concord Station. He will be exclusively patrolling our community and will be on the look out for people that threaten the safety of our residents and their property. If you see him, please do not be afraid to flag him down and introduce yourself to him. He needs our cooperation in order to make this a better place to live. Deputy Rojas gave us the non emergency number for Pasco County, 727-847-8102. We should use this number to report non emergency activities to the Sheriff’s department.

The board is also in the process of drawing up the CDD annual budget for next year. Please be on the look out for our advertising of our meeting scheduled for August 11th 2016 at 6:00pm.