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Sheriff’s Office Safety Procedures

As you may have heard, the Concord Station Community Development District, also known as the “CDD,” has hired a full-time deputy to assist with patrolling the community and keeping our residents and guests safe.

In order to help keep the community safe, the CDD and the sheriff’s office urge all residents and visitors to report any suspicious activities to the sheriff’s office so they can investigate those activities.  In addition, all residents and guests are urged to cooperate with the sheriff’s department as the deputies patrol the community and investigate reports of suspicious activities.

In the last few months, there have been several incidents in which people have not cooperated fully with deputies when they request basic information such as their identification and address.  Failure to cooperate with the deputies may impede their investigations, and in the worst case scenario, may even create an officer safety issue.

It is critical for the safety of the residents, guests and the deputies that people comply with requests for basic information such as providing their identification or their address in order to prevent interactions with law enforcement personnel from escalating.  This will ensure the safety of the deputies, residents and visitors within the community.

While the deputies are cordial and friendly to the residents and guests within the community, the deputies are not familiar with each and every resident and guest in the community.  Please do not be offended if the deputy on duty does not immediately recognize you, even if you have met the deputy before, since there are thousands of people living in and visiting the CDD every day.  These procedures will assist the sheriff’s deputies in creating a safe environment for the residents, guests and deputies within the community.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Additional Safety Note

Please be sure to close your garage door before you go to bed. An open garage door is a magnet and an invitation for thieves. While the full- and part-time deputies try to help residents by informing them of open garage doors, they cannot be everywhere and may miss yours. Don’t rely on thieves doing the same!