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"Concord Station original monument"

Updates Summer 2017

Clubhouse Updates


Two new computers have been installed in the Clubhouse lobby for use by residents. Microsoft Office software is installed and the computers are connected to the internet. The Wi-Fi was upgraded earlier this year to offer 150/150 speeds (the password is available from Clubhouse staff).

The Clubhouse interior will be painted in early August. The Clubhouse will remain open but individual rooms may be closed for short periods.


A new beverage vending machine was installed by the pool and will be stocked by Clubhouse staff. Additional patio furniture and umbrellas are due to be installed by mid-August. The pool pergola roofs are being replaced and should be completed by the end of August. A water fountain will be installed by the basketball court.

A maintenance vehicle has been purchased for Dwayne and he is using it around the district. A maintenance building/garage has been approved by the Board and is going through the County permitting process, with construction hopefully completed by the end of the year.

All around

The security system, both inside the Clubhouse and on the grounds, has been upgraded.

Fun events have been planned for children, families, and adults, and can be viewed on the Clubhouse Calendar on the CDD website (https://concordstationcdd.com//clubhouse/clubhouse-calendar/)

Landscaping Updates

There has been lots of rain recently and the stormwater retention ponds are almost full. This is good for the appearance of the District but makes it difficult for the landscapers to get heavy equipment on soggy ground, so some mowing may be delayed. In addition, to improve pond bank stabilization, the District is implementing a new buffer strip around all ponds in accordance with guidelines from the University of Florida/IFAS Environmental Horticulture Department’s Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology. Turf is planted to the water’s edge and a no-mow zone 12 to 18 inches wide will be established around the perimeter of the ponds. The no-mow strip will be groomed appropriately by the district’s landscape maintenance company and will be left taller than a lawn. Homeowners must not mow, nor allow their landscape companies to mow, in the no-mow zone as this interferes with the proper functioning of the stormwater system. Detailed information about the stormwater retention ponds and how they work and are maintained has been added to the CDD website (https://concordstationcdd.com//contact-us/faqs/).

New trees and plants are being added to the median strip of Mentmore Boulevard between Chislehurst and Sunlake. The preparation has begun and the improvements should be completed by mid-August.

Please be aware that CDD property and conservation areas are not to be disturbed in any way. This means residents are not to add or remove any plantings nor dump any debris, including planting materials, on CDD property or in the conservation areas. In addition, parking is not allowed on CDD landscapes.

All roads are county- or developer-owned and the Pasco County deputy sheriff can and will enforce traffic and parking rules.

District Update

The annual budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 will be discussed and approved at the next Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for August 13 at 6:30pm. The meeting is held in the Clubhouse and all residents are invited to attend.