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"Concord Station original monument"

Updates Winter 2018


The Clubhouse heating and air conditioning system was replaced due to failure of the old system.

The maintenance garage is due to be completed by the end of January. In mid-February, the parking lot will be resurfaced and restriped and will include ADA-compliance enhancements. The parking lot may be unavailable for short periods during this process.

Please note that parking is not permitted in the Clubhouse parking lot overnight without express permission from Clubhouse management. Please contact Brenda Gray to discuss short-term parking options.

New playground equipment will be installed into an expanded area. The new equipment will be ADA-compliant and include a wide variety of activities for children aged 2 and above. The current equipment will be removed and the new equipment should be installed by spring. The following pictures show the equipment ordered (it will be customized so may look slightly different):


New trees and plants were added to the median strip of Mentmore Boulevard between Chislehurst and Sunlake. Unfortunately, the automatic watering bags were stolen and some of the landscaping is in poor shape. The Board is working with the landscape company to revive and/or replace affected plants.

The Board approved landscaping enhancements for all the community monuments to provide a more unified look to the District. The Board also approved adding and maintaining Podacarpus plantings along fence lines on Mentmore Boulevard to help provide a buffer between homeowners’ and District properties.

Please be aware that CDD property and conservation areas are not to be disturbed in any way. Conservation/wetlands areas are purposely not maintained but left in their natural state. Aquatic plantings are critical for controlling erosion of the ponds, to stabilize pond banks, and clarify polluted water. Residents are not to add or remove any plantings nor dump any debris, including planting materials, on CDD property or in the conservation areas. In addition, parking is not allowed on CDD landscapes.


The Board will continue to investigate further improvements to the District. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact District Management or the Board via the website Contact Us page, or in person at a meeting (generally held the second Thursday of each month and posted on the website). You can also view meeting minutes and financial statements on the Meetings page.