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"Concord Station Clubhouse front with flagpole"

Updates Winter 2019

New faces

Several changes occurred in the District in the last few months. Please welcome the “new faces.”

A new Supervisor joined the Board in December after the General Election. Fred Berdeguez took over the seat of outgoing supervisor Grace Birtchet.

A new Deputy Sheriff started working for the District in December. Deputy Will Phillips has extensive experience in all facets of law enforcement.

New management took over the Clubhouse in December. Rizzetta Amenities Services, Inc. was awarded the contract by the Board last fall. Manager Michael Spiedel and Clubhouse Attendants Kelsee Ratcliff, Shawn Piccollo, and Taylor Hutchinson are looking forward to providing new activities for the residents (view the Clubhouse Calendar for details of upcoming events at https://concordstationcdd.com/clubhouse/clubhouse-calendar/). In addition, Tim Burdick will be providing maintenance for the Clubhouse and District.

Jordan Lansford is the new District Manager, replacing Clif Fischer who retired last summer and interim District Manager Greg Cox.


The Splash Pad has been delayed due to permitting issues. The Board is just as disappointed as the residents about the length of time it is taking and has been working with the District Engineer and District Management to provide the information required for successful permitting.

A flagpole that the developer had left behind in a residential area has been moved to the island in front of the Clubhouse.


A new aquatics company was contracted to manage the District’s waterways. In addition to regular inspections, they are promoting native vegetation to improve the health and appearance of the ponds.

The lot previously occupied by the developer’s work trailer is being upgraded esthetically. In other areas of the District, new plantings, including trees, are being added for beautification and to deter vehicles parking on District property (this damages landscaping and costs us all money for repairs).

Please note that the Board has determined that it is not in the best interests of the District for residents to maintain or otherwise modify District-owned property or District-controlled wetlands. This includes mowing, watering, adding or removing vegetation or plantings, or leaving seeds or food out for wildlife on District property or conservation/wetlands areas. This work, if needed, is to be done by professional contractors who are hired by the District for that purpose. If you have any concerns or questions about landscaping on District property, please contact the District using the form on the website (https://concordstationcdd.com/contact-us/).

District Update

The Board will continue to investigate further improvements to the District. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact District Management or the Board via the website (https://concordstationcdd.com/contact-us/), or in person at a meeting (generally held the second Thursday of each month). You can view meeting dates, minutes, and financial statements on the website (https://concordstationcdd.com/meeting-records/).